Sales of heavy duty big industrial centrifugal blowers and axial fans, blowers, ventilators; combustion pressure blowers, special custom OEM fans, peumatic conveying vacuum blowers, dust collector suction blowers and material conveying paddle fans.Sales agent for Buffalo (New York) Blower; Illinois Blower; Industrial Gas Engineering; American Coolair; ILG; Neptronic; IGE; I.G.E.; TCF; I.L.G.; Twin City; NEP. Sales engineers and manufacturers of Canadain Blower (Chicago) industrial process and commercial HVAC fans; blowers; air-handling units; heat exchangers; heating and air erature blowers and fans; air systems in Buffalo, New Yor. k
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Industrial ventilators, blowers fans engineering sales -  Buffalo Blower, New York ventilators, fans and blower,American Coolair,ILG,Illinois Blower,Industrial Gas Engineering Industrial air products,fan and bllower including high temperature & high pressure blowers and fans,pressure blowers,heavy duty industrial process fans and blowers. Quick delivery shipment of indusced forced draft heavy duty industrial fan and blower. CB Blowers


Sales of Buffalo Blower, New York ventilators, fans and blowers, American Coolair,ILG,Illinois Blower,Industrial Gas Engineering Industrial air products,fan and bllower including high temperature & high pressure blowers and fans,pressure blowers,heavy duty industrial process fans and blowers. Supr high tenperature fans, air tight and zero leakage blowers and centrifugal axial fans.
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A Equipment Data Sheet is automatically produced for any customer enquiry, enabling CB Blowers to produce a detailed fan specification and quotation, typically within 24 hours. This includes technical fan specification; fan operation parameters and performance curves; fan sound prediction within various octave bands; dimension drawing; together with a total and individual fan components price breakdown. 

A user friendly version of the selection software is also available on disc, allowing customers to make their own equipment pre-selection, including performance curves and fan power consumption calculations.   

On receipt of order all data is automatically transferred into the requisite documentation, order write-up; order acknowledgement; certified drawings; works instructions; delivery promise; manufacturer's certificate. 

The individual name plates, bearing an unique reference number, are automatically created to ensure that the history of any machine and its components can be fully traced back through all stages of production and administration.   

State of the Art Manufacturing

All our manufacturer's production facilities are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery. From the parts list the components are produced on computerized numerically controlled (CNC) machines to minimize throughput time and achieve precise tolerances. 

On completion of the equipment, a fan test run and final inspection is carried out.   

All work is conducted by highly skilled production personnel. 

The ability to work with many materials is due to the high levels of welding expertise in the Company, continuously updated by an ongoing commitment to training and the achievement of appropriate welding certificates.   

Modern test facilities are used to develop and test even large scale fans and blowers prior to shipment up to and including motor powers of 600 HP.   

Quality re-assured

Recent customer surveys show that more than 90% of customers recognize our products as being of excellent quality with very long life expectancy. Customer complaints (including customer errors and incomplete deliveries) are consistently less than one percent of total shipments. 


Reinforcing their commitment to total quality all of our suppliers offer a 12 month warranty after shipment on all fans and 3 years on heat exchangers.

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