Manufacturers of backward curved fans, heat blowers, air fans and air blowers, positive displacement PD blowers, commercial air blowers, drying fans, dry air blowers, heavy duty air ventilators, compressed air blowers, wall / roof mounted fans, forward curved fans, radial blowers, fan blades, plug fans, high pressure fans, fume extractor fans, suction vacuum blower, warehouse fans / ventilators, large industrial fans, large industrial ventilators. Vaneaxial fan ventilators from Buffalo Blower, New York are designed for medium and high pressure ventilation and industrial exhaust applications requiring the compactness of an axial fan.
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We are sales representative for New York Blower industrial fas and blowers,ventilation fans, combustion blowers,air systems,air cusrtain. We ship pressure blowers,high temperature fan,dust collecting fans,high pressure blowers with quick ship.
CB Blowers
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CB Blowers offers a variety of industrial, process and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning products for virtually any HVAC application:

Electric Gas Heaters

  • Capacities to 1000 kW, 40 kW/ft2 
  • (3) Electric elements types: open element, tubular element, finned element 
  • Various mounting types: Slip-In, Flanged, Round Collar
  • A superior quality with very reasonable cost 
  • Low maintenance - no serviceable components 
  • Horizontal or vertical duct installation 
  • Capacities above 1000 kW - on application

Air Systems

  • High-penetration air knives blowers
  • Laminar flow air curtains fans
  • Tangential blowers 
  • Air gates ventilators
  • Air screens 
  • Air circulation systems 
  • Material handling blower systems 
Canada Blower Air Make-Up Units (AMUs) are Air Handling Units that provide 100% outside air to a building. When air is exhausted from a building it needs to be replaced at the same rate. AMUs are designed to replace the exhausted air with filtered outside air and often use direct or indirect heaters to temper the air before it is supplied to the building. Direct-fired heating units are very popular, as they are typically 20% to 40% more efficient than indirect models. Traditionally, forward curved (FC) fans are used in AMUs, due to the low static pressure requirements and the lower cost of these fans. As a leading supplier of fans used in these Air Make-Up Units, Aerovent can manufacture our products to meet our customer’s exact specifications.

Electric duct heater
Neptronic electric duct heaters
Neptronic electric duct heater

Industrial blowoff airknife
Blow-off air-knife industrial system
Industrial air curtain



  • Paint booth filters 
  • Odor control/HEPA filters 
  • Filter housings/bag in-bag out/air tight 
  • Fan-pack filter units 
  • Filter bags for dust collectors 
Industrial air filter filtration HVAC system

Dampers and Actuators

  • Fan and blower dampers 
  • Louvers and shutters 
  • Butterfly and vortex dampers 
  • Electric/pneumatic actuators 
  • Isolation and flow diverter dampers 
Industrial air damper

Radiant Heaters

  • Gas-fired infrared heaters 
  • Low-intensity infrared heaters 
  • Tube and saucer designs 
  • Custom configuration 
  • Steam unit heaters 
Industrial radiant heater

Sound/Vibration Control

  • Blower and fan silencers
  • Industrial sound enclosures
  • Acoustical panels 
  • Vibration eliminators
  • Stack silencers
Fan blower silencer

Industrial Enclosures

  • Metal buildings 
  • FRP Enclosures 
  • Paint booths and clean rooms 
  • Partition wall systems 
  • Design and erection 
Blower fan acoustical enclosure

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Suppliers of industrial blowers, fans and Canada Blower ventilators, such as high pressure fans, high temperature blowers and high air volume ventilators, stainless and other alloy construction, explosion proof Canada Blower blowers. Quick ship from stock of packaged Canada Blower blowers and fans.
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Canada Blower FTFA axial flow fan is designed for clean air HVAC applications. The Canada Blower FTFA fan features high strength adjustable pitch cast aluminum ventilator blades that can be individually adjusted. This allows for easy system balancing or adjustment for unpredictable duct losses. It also permits changing fan characteristics to match changing job conditions. Since the ventilator blades can be changed in pitch approximately 35°, a wide variation in fan performance is possible.