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Marlo Coil Stratomizer engineering sales,industrial heating and cooling face bypass damper coils,Marlo heat exchanger. We supply copper,aluminum,stainless steel air to air and air to liquid heat exhangers,steam,hot water,chilled water and refrigerant coils,integral face-bypass dampered Stratomizers.
CB Blowers
---------- Heat Exchangers -----------

CB Blower / Heat Exchangers is a supplier of all types of air-to-liquid, air-to-air, liquid-to-liquid heat echangers.

Industrial process heat exchange coils

Canada Blower heating and coiling coils for HVAC, pulp & paper, fossil fuel, Industrial and chemical plants, refineries, hospitals, power plants, custom OEM.

Coils for heating and cooling including plate fin and spiral fin which utilize water, steam and glycol.
Direct expansion (DX) coils for cooling utilizing refrigerant.
Industrial and specialty coils including Integral Face & Bypass (IFB).
Materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, copper/nickel, specialty coated (such as Heresite).
ASME certified and CRN where applicable.

CB Blower / Heat Exchangers also carries lines of light duty commercial heat transfer equipment.

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Designers of Madok heat exchangers, stainless steel pressure blowers, induscr draft ventilators, force draft ventilators, leader ventilators, high pressure centrifugal blowers, high CFM axial fans, high air flow ventilators, dust collecting fans, radial pressure blowers, vacuum blowers & fans, stainless steel ventilation fans, air handling fans, airhandling blowers, FRP pressure blowers, SST pressure fans, oven & dryer circulation fans, drying blowers.

Heat transfer finned coils for a variety of applications. Canada Blower will build a coil to your design or you can tell us your requirement and we will design it using our computerized coil selection programs. Canada Blower specializes in rapid delivery of replacement coils. TYPES OF COILS : Fluid (Cooling & Heating) Coils Chilled or hot water / glycol coils suited to a wide variety of applications - from commercial HVAC to industrial preocesses. Steam Coils Constructed with heavy wall copper tubing Evaporator Coils Induvudually designed to optimize performance on air conditioning or high to medium temperature refrigeration applications. Condencer / Heat Reclaim Coils Designed to handle your condencing or heat reclaim requirements. Special Coils For your special applications or a "one-of-a-kind" replacement. CANADA BLOWER COILS SPECIFICATIONS Fins Corrugated, die formed tempered aluminum. Various fin spacings available. Coil Tubes 1/2" OD x 0.018" or 0.028" wall; or 5/8" OD x 0.020" wall seamless copper tubing. Headers Heavy wall seamless copper tubing - sozed to the application or to match an existing coil. Casings 18 gauge G90 galvanized steel; configured to each application.

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