Engineering sales of Chicago blower centrifugal fans and axial flow ventilators: tubeaxial and variable pitch vaneaxial fans, propeller type roof and wall exhaust and air makeup fan ventilators, centrifugal wall and roof fan exhauster fans, high temperature vane axial and tube axial blower fans.WE ARE ENGINEERING AGENT FOR NEW YORK BLOWER, ILLINOIS BLOWER, INDUSTRIAL GAS ENGINEERING
AMERICAN COOLAIR ILG INDUSTRIES IGE MARLO COIL.  Quick ship of Industrial blowers, commercial fans, high-temperature blowers, pressure blowers, OEM fans, roof and wall exhausters, ventilating and air-conditioning blowers, HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning, process and OEM blowers, custom built fans, ventilators, dust collectors, combustion blowers, oven circulation fans, heat exchangers, industrial and commercial heating and cooling coils, aluminum, copper and stainless steel finned coils, humidifiers
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Sales of heavy duty industrial fans and pressure blowers - New York Blower Blowers,American Coolair Fans,ILG Fan,Illinois Blower High Temperature Fans,Industrial Gas Engineering Industrial Air Products,centifugal axial fan and bllower ventilators.
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CB Blowers is the engineering representative for Chicago Blower, American Coolair Fans, Illinois Blower, Industrial Gas Engineering and ILG Fans. We also have access to all the other leading fan, blower and HVAC names through through sub agent agreements and co-operative relationships. 

Our focus is servicing Industrial and O.E.M. customers with both process fans and blowers and general ventilation Fans. Often, we can save you money by assisting with the right fan selection and the lowest energy use. Dependable & efficient fans, built to last.

Chicago Blower Company 


Chicago Blower fans  Chicago Blower Company is a world leader in the manufacture of fans and blowers for industrial and commercial applications. The company offers one of the most comprehensive lines of air-moving equipment including material-handling fans, stainless-steel fans, pressure blowers, FRP fans, high-temperature fans, propeller fans, and axial-flow fans. Chicago Blower products are marketed globally through a network of sales engineers with extensive experience in process and HVAC applications. 

American COOLAIR 


American Cooalir fan American COOLAIR has been manufacturing propeller fans since 1928 and have recently purchased ILG. ILG is known for its centrifugal products. As a result, a wide variety of propeller fans up to 84" in diameter, axial fans, upblast and recirculating roof exhausters, spun aluminum domed centrifugal roof and wall fans, square body inline centrifugal fans, and gravity vent sets are available from one manufacturer, at very competitive prices with a four week delivery. American COOLAIR is known for its unique "static shaft" design - propeller assembly with shaft and permanently sealed bearings. The "static shaft" replaces the conventional shaft, bearings and fan sheave with an integral bearing and fan sheave mounted on a fixed steel stub. This means a lower initial cost, lower maintenance and operating costs, a B10 bearing life in excess of 1,000,000 hours, and minimal replacement costs. 

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ILG Fans 


ILG Fan Ventilator ILG is a manufacturer or spun aluminum fans and ventilators such as up- blast roof exhausters, "mushroom-" type roof ventilators, and wall exhaust fans. In cooperation with American Coolair Propeller Division, they recently introduced a unique "static shaft design" on all spun aluminum ventilators. As a result, B10 bearing life of 1,000,000 hours is reached, making ILG fans literally "maintenance free." Other ILG fan products include: square body in-line centrifugal fans, forward curved filtered roof supply fans and gravity ventilators. 

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Illinois Blower 


Illinois Blower Fan Illinois Blower expertise includes gas-tight and zero-leakage fans and blowers, special sound and critical sound requirements, special materials - corrosion resistant / abrasion resistant / high strength and super alloys, high temperature applications, spark resistant construction, code welding, API specifications, steam jacketed fans, insulated fans and other custom air-handling applications. 

Our focus is fans and blowers and we offer both competitive pricing and superior quality...Value. We appreciate any opportunity to quote and we trust you will enjoy our friendly service. 

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Industrial Gas Engineering

Industrial Gas Engineering fans blowers IGE offers a complete line of high temperature fans and blowers up to 2200 degrees F. to meet all of your requirements. Custom, as well as standard designs are available for all temperatures and atmospheres, including vacuum blowers. 

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There are many industrial floor fans available on the market today. It may be difficult for you to chose from the various styles and colors available. The most common ones are black, metal or white. Some can go close to the floor and some are on stands. You need to be sure that you pick the type which fulfills your needs.

One thing to consider is the size of the area you want to cool. If it is a larger area then you may need to purchase a stand to put it on. If you have a smaller room then a small floor industrial fan is more appropriate. You must also consider safety and place the fan in a location where mishaps are unlikely to occur.

There are also many manufactures who produce industrial floor fans. This should also be selected with caution. Be sure you pick a manufacturer who is well known and has good feedback. If purchasing a fan made by an unknown or not so popular manufacturer, do some research to find out the type of support they provide. Make sure you check to see what is covered by warranties.

When picking out your industrial floor fan, make sure you see what can of noise is generated. This aspect will not make a difference if the fan is located in a garage or another area that is not used often. If the fan makes a lot of noise in a heavily used area, it can become an issue, especially in the workplace. It can take away concentration from work. Of course, the larger ones will be noisier only because of the fan size. Some ventilators make a lot of noise because of how they are designed. Others are designed to be quiet and do the job efficiently. Don't only go by looks. Make sure you look at all of the fan specifications.

Select a blower model that generates as little noise as possible. It won't be possible to get one which is silent, but get one which won't affect daily activities for your business.

Why are these industrial floor fans used ? One main reason for getting an industrial floor fan is energy efficiency. Typical air conditioning for a large area will run up bills. A fan is more economical and provides cooling. Another reason is to dry interior decoration such as carpets as well as floors. Dampness and flooding can be eliminated through the use of an industrial fan. This recovery method for water damange is very economical.

Industrial floor fans are useful because of the more economical approach for cooling and don't require fuel to operate. They are helpful all year round and not just in higher temperatures. Fans help to allow air to circulate evenly since heat rises. You can find an industrial floor fan either online or offline. If you are researching for a new fan, then looking online will be your best bet.