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Engineering slaes of high temperature (up to 2220 F) fans and blowers for industrial combustion and air tempering applications.  We supply centrifugal axial fans and water-cooled high temperature motors,High Temperature Fan,High Temperature Blower,High Temperature Fans,High Temperature Blowers,Combustion Blowers,Oven Fans,Plug Fans,Plug Fan,Axial Plug Fans,Centrifugal Plug Fans

CB Blowers


CB Blowers have added a high temperature IGE fan line to its product offering. 

Industrial Gas Engineering offers a complete line of high temperature fans and blowers for operation up to 2200 F to meet all of your requirements.  Custom as well as standard designs are available for all temperatures and atmospheres, including vacuum.
High temperature oven circulating fan blower ventialtor Twin City Fan blower ventilator TCF Ovent circulation high temperature plug fan blower ventilator
With more than 50 years of service to the heat treating industry, IGE has more than 60,000 fans installed and production proven worldwide.  The manufacturing and repair facilities are staffed by degreed engineer groups and supported by complete in house machine shops, welding, fabricating and balancing departments for the highest quality new or rebuilt equipment.  IGE has complete repair/rebuilding facilities for all makes and types of high temperature fans and fast turn around time assures you of minimum downtime.  IGE offers the longest warranty in the industry.

IGE fans are fundamentally divided into two general classes - Centrifugal and Axial

Fans utilizing centrifugal wheels are used in applications requiring low to moderate volumes of flow with a wide range of static pressure.  Air flow discharges at right angles to the axis rotation. Multiblade fan blower wheel impeller for high temperature plug fan Radial wheel for blower fan impeller. Replacement fan blower ventilator blade wheel Replacement blower impeller blade wheel       
   multiblade                                     radial paddle                        radial high pressure                backward inclined 
Fans utilizing axial blade wheels are used in applications requiring very large volumes of flow at low static pressure.  Air flow discharges parallel to the axis rotation. Industrial Gas Engineering fan blower Garden City ventilator Axial_FAN_Blade Industrial gas engineering Garden City ABB fan blower
Another unique products of IGE - water cooled super-high-temperature K-B motorsHight temperature KB motor for fan blower   The K-B heat resistant, sealed motor was developed as a direct drive unit, which copes successfully with shaft temperatures up to 2100 F under pressure, vacuum and high ambient temperature conditions.  The unit is ideally suited to such metallurgical applications as carburizing, nitriding, cyaniding, clean annealing and vacuum heat treating, which require both high temperature and gas tight sealing. 
We offer replacement fans and cartridges for Garden City high-temperature fans
at very competitive price !!
T.C.F. Twin City fan blower ventilator

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Canada Blower centrifugal fan which is also called as squirrel cage fan because of its hamster wheel design is widely used to move air / gas continuously in industries and commercial applications. The speed of the air stream entering into the fan, is increased by the impeller thereby it gains kinetic energy and accelerates radially changing the direction by 90°. As these fans are capable of displacing constant volume of air/gas at increased speed, they are widely used in various process applications in industries such as in material handling, boiler applications, transporting gas or materials, ventilation and combustion, air circulation and in other HVAC systems.