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Fans and Blowers 

Illinois Blower

Pulp and Paper Industry

Severe, corrosive Pulp and Paper environments require rugged, well built equipment. Whether you need a blower to handle non-condensable gases, sulfur dioxide or for other process and conveying needs, contact us to provide a durable, dependable unit for your specific application.

air tight pressure blower
High-Tech/Research & Development

Research and Development applications frequently demand critical parameters such as absolute zero leakage (hermetically sealed) or the ability to handle wide pressure and temperature extremes. Whether you are working with cryogenic temperatures down to -300 degrees F or at system pressures above 120 PSIG, Illinois Blower has the experience to meet your needs.

zero leakage blower
Pollution Control/Environmental System

Illinois Blower designs and builds fans for critical Pollution Control requirements; especially in harsh corrosive environments. We have experience with steam jacketed blowers for sulfur service, special alloy units for very corrosive gases and gas tight, zero leakage blowers for critical containment applications.

high pressure blower
Power Generation Industry

We understand that expensive down time cannot be tolerated. Illinois Blower manufactures reliable, heavy duty, low maintenance, forced and induced draft fans, cooling blowers and ventilation fans specifically for the Power Generation industry.

induce draft fan blower
power generation blower fan
Petro-Chemical Industry

Illinois Blower provides a wide range of heavy duty centrifugal blowers to the Petro-Chemical industry. Typical applications include fans for gas tight sulfur and benzene service, co-generation duty or high temperature induced draft use. We can meet stringent end user and API specifications.

sealed blower fan
Our Custom Uniblock Bearing

As part of Illinois Blowers commitment to excellence, we have designed our own heavy duty Uniblock bearing specifically for blower requirements. This unit, when used in critical applications, can extend bearing life, reduce vibration and eliminate bearing misalignment. For increased reliability, provisions exist to add vibration and speed monitors, temperature detectors or internal space heaters.

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S-70 Fans are designed to meet the performance requirements of high-pressure industrial-process systems such as scrubbers, combustion supply and high-speed drying. Industrial-duty fans - designed to meet the requirements of high-pressure industrial process systems, scrubbers, and combustion supply air applications. Radial-tip wheel with  efficient, high-pressure capability and the ability to handle small concentrations of particulate. Eight basic sizes - volumes to 70,000 CFM at static pressures to 70” WG.
Custom manufactured to meet the requirements of individual applications, given all the  particulars of  the  intended application and installation.