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Canada Blower Forward Curved Fans

The impeller of the fan is fitted with blades curved forward in the direction of wheel rotation. Because of this forward curve, the fans are capable of accelerating air to a high velocity while rotating at a lower speed. They are less efficient than airfoil and backward inclined fans and have limited usage in industrial applications. Forward curved fans are ideal for low pressure applications such as domestic furnaces, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Backward Inclined Fans

These are radial fans with backward curved blades that are flat and of single thickness. They can handle relatively medium to high volumes of airflow at high static pressures. These fans are typically known as “non-overloading” because the impeller has non-overloading characteristic and the changes in static pressure do not overload the motor. Backward inclined fans are slightly less efficient than airfoil fans and are used in high volume applications such as for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Canada Blower Double Inlet Centrifugal Fans

They are heavy duty fans and are customised for various industrial processes. They serve the purpose of providing large airflow in the industrial processes. It has two separate inlets and one common outlet. Fan inlet boxes are fitted with dampers to control the airflow.

Canada Blower Multistage Centrifugal Fans

Many industries have requirement of high pressure. The output is achieved by using two centrifugal fans in cascade. They have two impellers fitted on a single shaft. The airflow from first impeller is magnified by the second impeller. Chemical industry utilises multistage centrifugal fans for evaporation of chemical substances. It also finds application in other industries which require high pressures like cement, power plant and wood industry.

Canada Blower Radial Blade Fans

The impeller of radial blade fans consists of multiple equally spaced flat blades that are radial to the fan shaft. The wheel is paddle type and may or may not contain side rims. They are less efficient than other centrifugal fan types. They produce medium to high pressure and are well suited for material handling and in some moderate pressure industrial applications.

Canada Blower Airfoil Blade Fans

The blades of these fans contain airfoil blade shape which is hollow and backward-inclined. Their speciality is that they can handle large volume of air at low to moderate static pressure. They produce optimum efficiency and can handle large volumes of air in industrial applications, ventilation, air conditioning etc.

Canada Blower Radial Tip Fans

Canada Blower Tubeaxial roof ventilators are built of heavy gauge steel for rugged industrial service where the fan assembly must be located above the roof. Ventilators are designed to operate reliably in hostile environments where high temperatures or contaminated air are present. The fan motor, belts and bearings are isolated from the air stream. THe JTBC PRVs are constructed of extra heavy gauge steel, up to 1/4" plate. The fan shaft is supported by two pillow-block ball bearings that are mounted in the enclosed tube to provide years of service under harsh conditions, they are suitable for operation to 250 F.

These Power Roof Ventilators can be easily connected to duct work when exhausting from a ducted system with the use of the optional duct connector accessory.

Canada Blower tubeaxial roof exhausters are available in wide range of sizes and capacities: with blade diameters from 18" to 84" and capacities ranging from 1000 CFM to appr. 100,000 CFM. Direct driven fan models for low maintenance are available too.