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Air fans, blowers and ventilators for industrial plants from Buffalo, New York. Sales of industrial axial power roof and wall ventilators, exhaust and supply centrifugal spun aluminum fans and blowers.
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Engineering Sale of New York Blower Fans,American Coolair Roof Ventilators,ILG Fan,Illinois Blower Sealed Gas Tight Fans,Industrial Gas Engineering Plug Fans,Industrial Air Products High Capacity Fans and Blowers. We supply high pressure fans and bllowers including centifugal plug fans,high pressure axial blowers,pressure blowers,variable air flow fans.
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Fans and Blowers 

  Industrial Blowers

Canada Blower offers the broadest and most complete line of industrial and commercial corrosion-resistant blowers and fans. Canada Blower supplies products that are AMCA certified for performance and noise. These fans and blowers are installed wherever there are problems with corrosion due to the contaminants in exhaust air or process gas streams.


Inline Centrifugal Fans

Capacities to 150,000 CFM, 15"SP 

Airfoil centrifugal wheel in axial-flow configuration for high pressure fan systems and quiet operation. Non-overloading horsepower characteristic and inherent fan stability when used in systems requiring varying air volumes. 

Inline centifugal tubular acoustafoil fan blower ventilator
Duct Fans

Capacities to 10,000 CFM, 1 1/2"SP 

Steel axial-flow wheels for low-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications. Duct, Tubeaxial, and Vaneaxial Fans are available in 13 sizes with wheel designs selected to optimize ventilator performance across each line. 

Inline axial duct fan blower ventilator
Tubeaxial Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 3 1/2"SP 

Cast-aluminum airfoil wheels for moderate-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications. Duct, Tubeaxial, and Vaneaxial Fans are available in five mounting fan arrangements to meet a wide range of installation requirements. 

Axial inline blower tubeaxial fan TCF
Vaneaxial Fans

Capacities to 140,000 CFM, 5"SP 

Cast-aluminum wheels with airfoil blades for high-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications. Direct-drive fans feature wheels available at specific blade angles to maximize performance. 

Vaneaxial VA inline axial fan T.C.F.
Direct Drive Propeller Fans

Capacities to 80,000 CFM, 1/2"SP 

Ten fan sizes ... available as exhaust or supply fans ... automatic or motorized fan shutters. 

Wal exhaust propeller fan ventilator
Belt Drive Propeller Fans

Capacities to 120,000 CFM, 1 1/4"SP 

Twelve fan sizes ... available as exhaust or supply fans ... heavy-duty automatic or motorized shutters. 

Explosion proof fan blower ventilator


Single-Width Backwardly Inclined Fans

Capacities to 200,000 CFM, 15"SP 

Complete AMCA Class I, II, II fan performance ... Efficiencies beyond 85% ... Choice of direct or belt-drive blower arrangements ... Choice of Airfoil or BI fan wheels ... 16 sizes: 10" through 73" wheel diameters ... Unique inlet cone with airflow diverter improves fan efficiency ... Temperatures to 1000 degrees F. 

Inductrial backwardly inclined BI fan ACF.
Double-Width AirFoil Fans

Capacities to 350,000 CFM, 14"SP 

Double-Width AirFoil fans combine the efficiency of airfoil wheels with construction features to suit industrial supply and exhaust systems as well as HVAC applications. A wide range of fan accessories is available to tailor the fans to each unique application. Complete AMCA Class I, II, II fan performance ... Efficiencies beyond 85% ... temperatures to 120 degrees F. 

Double-inlet double-width industrial BI AF fan blower
Class IV Fans

Capacities to 180,000 CFM, 20"SP 

A heavier-duty extension of the AirFoil and BI Fan designs for higher pressure requirements ... choice of two wheels for best efficiency: AirFoil for clean, dry airstreams or BI for moderate amounts of dirt and moisture ... temperatures to 1000 degrees F. 

Heavy duty industrial proces Class IV fan blower
PFD Fans

Capacities to 130,000 CFM, 50"SP 

Airfoil-wheel design for high efficiency with non-overloading horsepower characteristic ... featuring curves which cover a wide range of narrow-width performance at direct-drive motor speeds ... well-suited to higher horsepowers required for high-pressure blower performance. 

Industrial force drafdt air fan blower backward inlined
Pressure Blowers

Capacities to 5500 CFM, 60"SP 

Furnished in direct-drive Arrangement 4 with wheel mounted on motor shaft for low-volume, high-pressure process requirements ... dual-tapered aluminum wheels for highest efficiency and lowest noise level ... steel wheel available for temperatures to 600 degree F and light dust conditions ... also available in Arrangements 1, 8, 9 and Arrangement 10 packaged fan designs. 

New York Blower pressure blower fan TBR TBA.
HPB Pressure Blowers

Capacities to 20000 CFM, 130"SP 

HPB Pressure Blowers are designed for high pressure, industrial process applications. All applications can be handled in either induced-draft or forced-draft configurations. Numerous modifications and accessories make the Type HPB Pressure Blower suitable for a wide range of systems.

NYB super high pressure blowers HP PB
Utility Fan Sets

Capacities to 38,000 CFM, 9"SP 

Arrangement 10 packaged design reduces field labor and facilitates test-running before shipment ... choice of various fan wheels for best efficiency: AirFoil wheel for clean, dry airstreams or Backwardly Inclined wheel for moderate amounts of dirt and moisture ... accessories and modifications include weather cover/belt guard and heat-fan construction to 650 degrees F. 

Backward inline utility industrial fan set
Forward Curved Fans

Capacities to 5000 CFM, 3"SP 
For clean dry airstreams 

Arrangement 4 direct-drive and Arrangement 10 belt-drive packaged fans with forward-curve wheels for quiet operation in general ventilation or simple process exhaust ... some belt-drive fan sizes available with heat-fan construction to 450 degrees F. 

Industrial packaged ventilating fan blower set
Class IV Ventilation Sets

Capacities to 20,000 CFM, 5"SP 

Arrangement 10 packaged design for general ventilation ... choice of wheels: AirFoil for clean, dry air or BI for moderate amounts of dirt and moisture ... fan accessories and modifications include weather cover/belt guard and spark-resistant construction. 

Forward curved industrial ventilating fan blower


R20 Radial Fans

Capacities to 75,000 CFM, 22"SP 

Available with LW and MW wheels ... heavy emphasis on packaged designs to allow factory assembly of fan, motor, drive, and guard reduces costly field labor and allows test-running prior to shipment ... temperatures to 1000 degrees F. 

Industrial high pressure radial fan
R30 Radial Fans

Capacities to 10,000 CFM, 33"SP 

Available with LW, HW, MW, and BW wheels ... heavy construction for long operating life in high-pressure and material-conveying blower systems ... available in both belt-drive and direct-drive fan arrangements ... temperatures to 1000 degrees F. 

Heavy-dufty industrial I.D. fan blower
R40 Radial Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 45"SP 

Available with LW, HW, and MW wheels ... MW wheel particularly advantageous in high-pressure process systems to hold horsepower requirements to a minimum ... performance curves for easy selection for direct-drive which is frequently desirable for higher fan horsepowers required at high pressures ... temperatures to 1000 degrees F. 

Industrial FD fan F.D. blower
Compact Radial Blowers

Capacities to 2500 CFM, 15"SP 

Small radial-blade fans with cast nickel-aluminum-bronze wheels for applications ranging from dust to light material handling ... in direct-drive and belt-drive blower arrangements ... temperatures to 600 degrees F.

New York Blower Compact GI fan blower
Radial Tip Fans

Capacities to 180,000 CFM, 35"SP 

Radial-tip design for light-to-moderate loading of dust, dirt, powder, or flakes ... can be modified with wear plates for abrasive particulate ... available in belt-drive and direct-drive arrangements with evase for maximum fan efficiency ... temperatures to 750 degrees F. 

Industrial fan blower F.D. ventilator I.D.
R70 Radial Fans

Capacities to 70,000 CFM, 70"SP 

Radial-tip fan design for light dust and dirt loading in medium-volume, high pressure applications ... available with outlet dampers, evases, inlet boxes, and silencers often required in high-pressure applications ... temperatures to 800 degrees F. 

Industrial process blower fan



FRP Pressure Blowers

Capacities to 6000 CFM, 40"SP 

Radial-blade wheel design suited to chemical-process and air pollution-control systems when corrosion resistance and high static pressures are required ... available in direct-drive and belt-drive blower arrangements. 

FRP fibeglass fan blower ventilator F.R.P.
FRP Radial Exhausters

Capacities to 10000 CFM, 15"SP 

Radial-blade wheel design for relatively low air volumes in applications varying from laboratory fume hoods to highly corrosive etching processes ... packaged Arrangement 10 for easy installation and maintenance. 

Fibergalss F.R.P. fan blower ventilator FRP
FRP Utility Sets

Capacities to 30,000 CFM, 10"SP 

Backwardly inclined fan wheels for efficient air performance and non-overloading horsepower characteristic ... Arrangement 10 fan-motor-drive package reduces field-assembly labor ... accessories include weather cover / belt guard. 

Fibergalss fan blower ventilator industrial

Capacities to 90,000 CFM, 20"SP 

Backwardly inclined wheels for efficient air performance and non-overloading fan horsepower characteristic ... available in medium or high-pressure construction, in Arrangements 1, 8, 9, and 10, to suit system requirements. 

Fiberglas high pressure fan blower


Steam Coils

Heavy-duty steam coils - featured in nyb Unit Heaters - available as unitary coils for OEM package or built-up heating systems ... vertical tubes for positive condensate drainage ... 5-fin-per-inch construction for easy cleaning ... hot-dip galvanized exterior for long life. 

Industrial process heating coil heat exchanger
Plenum Fans

Capacities to 150,000 CFM, 14"SP 

Plenum Fans are designed specifically for application in pressurized plenums found in industrial and commercial air-handling systems. The unhoused, compact design combined with the AcoustaFoil fan wheel provides the utmost in efficient and dependable fan operation.

Airhandling plenum airfoil fan ventilator
Plug Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 20"SP 

Choice of AirFoil or backwardly inclined wheel in Plug Fan configuration to suit industrial oven and dryer applications ... insulated fan panel protects bearing and motor ... available without insulation for low temperature cabinet units ... temperatures to 1300 degrees F. 

NYB high temperature oven plug fan blower

Air Kits

Capacities to 80,000 CFM, 6"SP 

Forward-curve fan wheels in one or two fan, housing, shaft, and bearing combinations ... preselected to suit a wide range of air performance, temperature, and dimensional requirements ... ideal for use in ovens, dryers, air-handlers, and built-up plenum systems ... fan temperatures to 1000 degrees F. 

Airkit oven circulation air kit fan

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Industrial fans and pressure blowers, high temperature oven fans, high pressure blowers, centrifugal and axial blowers.  Sales of regenerative blowers, high pressure ventilators, positive displacement pressure blowers.  ventilating.com fanblower.com highpressureblower.net industrialblowerfan.com industrialfanblower.net industrialfanblower.com pressureblower.net northernindustrialsupplycompany.com industrialpressureblower.com tenderall.com chicagoblowercanada.com cbblower.com buffaloblower.com buffalofan.com nis-co.com canadianblower.com olegsystems.com canadablower.com abbblower.com acmefan.net industrialblower.net fansandblowers.net americanblower.net barryfan.com cincinnatifan.net canadafans.com barryfan.net
Canada Blower centrifugal fans and blowers provide customized solutions to many industrial processes and air pollution systems for ventilation, dust collection, drying & cooling, exhausting gases, fume extraction, air recirculation, pollution control etc. The amount of the airflow and the efficiency of the fan system will decide which type of the fan has to be used in the industrial process.

Canada Blower industrial blowers are air blowers that move air on an industrial scale. There are many reasons why air needs to be moved in industrial settings. Chief among these reasons is the need for ventilation of workspaces, offices and other enclosures. Industrial blowers are characterized by their ability to effectively move air in a way that suits an industrial setting. Never before has the need for adequate workspace ventilation been clearer to safety experts. Factories, warehouses, mines, offices and all other places where workers spend their time must be adequately ventilated and heated or cooled in order to minimize risks to air quality and maximize comfortable conditions, which contribute to productivity. Canada Blower axial fans and centrifugal blowers, in high velocity and other configurations, are used to move air through ventilation systems and remove air through exhaust ports. The agricultural, photography, automotive, food processing, packaging, paper making, printing, welding and textile industries all use industrial blowers for workspace ventilation and a host of other applications, some of which are moisture reduction in bathrooms, spas and gyms and cutting down on smoke and odors in cooking and food processing. Canada Blower centrifugal floor dryer blowers are widely used to dry carpet after cleaning. They are also used in building maintenance applications to dry spills or clean up after water damage. Canada Blower industrial blower can be designed in one of two configurations. Axial blowers, which are more easily recognizable to most people, feature curved ventilator blades that spin around a blower axis. The spinning motion of axial fan blades closely resembles the motion of the spinning hands on a clock. The curvature of the blower blades creates an imbalance of air pressure on either side of the fan. The difference in air pressure causes airflow. When the blades spin continuously, the blower airflow is continuous. The same principle of pressure imbalance applies to the other fan configuration as well. Radial (or centrifugal) fans also feature spinning ventilator blades, but radial fan blades spin within the confines of an enclosure (which is called an annular housing), and their spinning motion more resembles that of waterwheel paddles than of clock hands. As the blades (which are called impellers) within a centrifugal fan spin, they draw air from the side of the fan into the enclosure. The blower impellers create a quick airflow. That quickness is augmented by the effect of centrifugal motion because of the shape of the annular housing. The result is that a centrifugal fan can produce a higher-pressure flow of air than can an axial fan operating at the same RPM. This feature makes centrifugal fans more attractive than axial fans in many industrial applications.